Offered Tours

Regular Photo Tour

Duration: 3 hrs | Start: 9:00 am | Price: €110

Walk through the historic streets of Krakow and discover its most popular sights from a photographer’s point of view. Suitable for all levels of photography enthusiasts, smartphone snappers to gear heads alike, this route includes unique points that will encourage you to venture outside the confines of the fully automatic mode. Newbies, this will allow you to practice as you learn and gain skills that apply to all your future adventures. Pros, you’ll get an insight into the best spots to shoot, selected by a local photographer, and come out with inspiring compositions. Plus, it’s a fun and educational activity for all ages.

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Extended Photo Tour

Duration: 4 hrs | Start: 9:00 am| Price: €140 (incl. tram tickets)

For those photographers looking to explore a bit more of Krakow, the extended photo tour takes you beyond the city centre, leading into the Kazimierz Jewish District and across the Vistula River to up-and-coming Podgorze. This route, similar to that of the regular photo tour, is also suitable for all levels of photography enthusiasts, but especially those seeking out the contrast between classic and offbeat.

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Night Photo Tour

Duration: 3 hrs | Start: depending on season | Price: €150 (incl. tripod rental)

With all its sights beautifully lit up, Krakow looks even more magical at night. This is a special route, perfectly suited to photographers using DSLR cameras, during which we focus on getting the best results in low-light settings. You will practice shooting long exposures in fully manual mode, using a tripod, and marvel at the effects of silhouettes, blurred movement and light trails in your compositions. 

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Private Photo Tour

Duration: 3 – 5 hrs | Start: flexible | Price: variable

Should you have a specific subject in mind, wish to practice a certain style of photography or simply prefer to get all the attention, we can arrange a private photo tour suited to your needs. Just name the meeting point, give us an idea of your expectations and schedule – we’ll arrange the rest!

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